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Welcome to Scrapbooking Scissors

While scrapbooking has become a world phenomenon in keeping our family history alive, the tools of scrapbooking have come into their own right. The best Scrapbooking scissors are perhaps the most important tool in creating any layout or off the page creation. The three main categories of scissors will be discussed here: general scissors, special purpose scissors and fancy or edging scissors.

Welcome to Scrapbooking Scissors

General purpose scissors are the one of the only scrapbooking tools that you will use every day. These everyday scrapbooking scissors will be used for all of those general jobs like cutting double sided tape and opening packaging. While these come in a wide variety, you need a decent pair with comfortable handles and solid blades that can be sharpened when they become blunt. To keep these scissors in good condition, they need to be stored in a place that is easily accessible. They need to be stored in the closed position with handles up to ensure the cutting edges of the blades will be kept safe for unintended hits and dints and also for the safety of those using them. A pencil tin located on your workspace is ideal. It keeps the scissors in easy reach, out of the way and in a safe location.

Special purpose scrapbooking scissors also come in a huge range of sizes and purposes. These are still straight blade scissors but are made for particular uses. Small pointy nosed scissors are needed for detailed cutting, like in decoupage or cutting out small embellishments to decorate your layouts.  When cutting unmounted rubber stamps out for mounting, sharp scissors are needed to slice through the rubber. At times, the stamps will be close together, so shorter blades can be useful.  Scissors with a spring open makes the mounting stamps process easier. If you are cutting mounting foam or the velcro system for flexible mounting systems, your scissors may become sticky from the adhesive. Ensure you clean your scissor blades regularly. Often some eucalyptus oil is needed to remove the stickiness. These special purpose scrapbooking scissors also need to be stored with their blades closed.


Fancy scrapbooking scissors, also known as edging scissors, are a favourite of mine; one of the reasons I got into scrapbooking in the first place. There are so many different patterned scissors available now. Originally these came in a zig zag pattern, called pinking shears, used for cutting material edges to ensure they didn’t fray when used for covering preserve jars. Now you can get small and large pinking patterns, as well as clouds, postage stamp edge, waves and all sorts of pretty patterns, with names like Victorian and art-deco. All of these patterns add a special touch to your layouts whether it is for matting your photos or to cut our journalling blocks.

Scrapbooking scissors may just be the most important tool you will use on a regular basis, so it will pay to put some thought into purchasing and storing these tools. Regardless of the type of scissors they need to be kept clean and dry and stored in a location that is easy to find when you need them but will keep both the blades and users safe.

A combination of general purpose scissors, special use scissors and fancy scrapbooking scissors are all needed when putting your layouts and off the page creations together.

Happy Scrapping!

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Wonderful new image

Just wondering what your collection would look like?

If you would like to post your photo’s to me I’ll show them on the website.

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Colorful Scissors

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Designer cuts from Decorative edge scissors

While Decorative Craft Scissors are not new to the world of Scrapbooking or Cardmaking, they can be a good old standby for a quick and easy embellishment. All of the Decorative Craft Scissors come with their cutting pattern design printed on the side of the blade.

Here are some examples you can create from one type of Decorative Edge Scissors.

Designer cut 1 - You can do a one-time cut across the edge of piece of paper for a simple design. For the second design just turn the scissors over or use the off-cut side.

Designer cut  2 – The next is plain parallel cuts with the design of the blade in the same position maintaining the same distance from the first cut. The second design is the same with the the scissors turned over.

Designer cut 3 - Next you can do a mirror edge, by cutting the paper in a parallel cut, but turning the paper over or upside down so the outside of the blade faces the opposite of it’s first cut, turn the scissors over.

Designer cut 4 - You can add to this by offsetting the second cut from the first cut to achieve an even different effect.  This requires a bit of practice to do effectively.

Designer cut 5 – Finally you can develop some combination of  edge cuts and some plain punches to add a this nice effect, such as this example.

All of these designer patterns add a special touch to your layouts whether it is for matting your photos or to cut our journalling books.  So please have a try the next time you need a special pattern and remember if you’re having trouble getting the pattern to line up nicely ! First try practicing by cutting on some scrap paper .  Never use your good sheet of paper first!  Decorative edge scissor are easy to use and inexpensive. So go on a collect all the patterns to increase you creative skills by making some of these cuts.

Happy cutting

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The perfect Craft Scissors for Scrapbooking are?

There is only two main brands to choose from the Non-Stick Micro Serrated Scissors by Tim Holtz manufactured by Tonic Studios and the
Cutter Bee Scissors Precision-Cut Scissors.

These are the most reviewed craft scissors on the planet an rightly so as they are great products. Having a set of quality, durable and balanced scissors will improve your craft projects. I’ll start with the Tim Holts Scissors because they are truly legendary!!! These Micro-Serrated Scissors come with a soft grip handle and feature an over-sized design that leaves more room for the hands.  They feature a nonstick coating on the blades and you well appreciate how easily the nonstick cleans up after sticky jobs by cutting papers coated with adhesive, glitter glues and others.

tims-scissors-2 In every day use, the micro-serrated scissors is extremely sharp – so don’t let them get near the kids. The fine tip is designed cutting finer designs while the longer section of the bade features the micro-serrated edge.  The handles are large enough to fit almost your whole hand in one side so that you don’t have to cut using just one or two fingers. This really is noticeable when cutting thicker materials such as thick paper board.

These scissors are however a bit larger than you might expect and can be a little difficult to use on detail cutting until you get use to using them but after a few basic cuts you’ll be amaze at how well this scissors design shines. They come with a protective plastic cap for safe storage and overall, this is a excellent craft scissor that will not let you down . cutter-bee

The Cutter Bee scissors is one to those scissors that all the reviewer prefer to use as they are cute and compact for all your scrapbooking requirements. They feature precision-ground tips which are great for accurate cutting.  These scissors are made to cut right up to the tip and the comfort grip handle is easy on your hands.  A nice addition is the protective safety snap-on safety cover that help extent the life of cutting edge. These are a great pair of craft scissors that I wouldn’t hesitate to buy again as that are great for all paper cutting and glide around tight corners. The Cutter Bees are the best for doing all your fine and fussy cutting.

The main advantages are they are small and are perfect for fine detail cuts. The sharpness is very long lasting and are extremely well made. Also that they are small so are easy to pack away in your travel set. The only disadvantages that I have found that they require constantly cleaning because they get so mucky. So I now have move to the Honey Bee scissors as these feature a non-stick coating. So you really can’t go wrong with a pair of these in you craft toolbox. 

So what is the perfect Craft Scissors for Scrapbooking? both of these scissors are. In my collection I have both and use them daily because they are both excellent at what they do. In fact like me you’ll be quickly replacing your older scissors with some of these if not both as the results in your detail cuts will noticeable be improved. As where to get them I have found that most cheapest and convenient way to buy them is through them is via Amazon links below. So Happy shopping and,

Happy Scrapping



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Rubber Paper Scissors with Judi Watanabe
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Discover step-by-step in this 2 hour DVD the “Basics”, information for complete beginners. This section covers supplies, rubber stamps, inks, papers, scoring, and cutting. Once you’ve viewed these, card-making project categories include: solids, colors, embossing powders, masks, backgrounds, resists, folds, windows, and pop-ups.

This DVD is great for newbies and old pros alike. It is just like having a personal instructor guide you through. I would highly recommend this for any level stamper to add to their library.

Don’t be without the Basic information anylonger this is the ultimate referance to have. Click here to get your copy - right now!
PS You must see Judi’s bloopers…her sense of humor is infectious!!!

About Judi Watanabe is an inspiring rubber stampers for years. Judi’s artwork can be seen in books and on television. She travels the country demonstrating her easy and beautiful stamping techniques. Rubber Paper Scissors is the ultimate stamping primer. Judi walks you through all of the basics, from types of inks and papers to fundamental coloring techniques. This DVD is proof positive that you can achieve stunning results using simple rubber stamping techniques. Projects include: Solids, Colors, Powders, Masks, Backgrounds, Resists, Folds, Windows and Pops. An interactive gallery overflows with more than 90 photographs of sample artwork. When you see something that inspires you jump directly to the technique used to create it. 

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Scrapbooking Scissor – Wave

The Wave pattern is a Scrapbookings Scissor that is very easy to use and makes a great pattern to follow as you make longer cuts. A wave pattern is a classic pattern that guarantee to lift any paper edge. One the the all time classic ones to have around and use daily.

This example is from Fiskars and one I have in my collection.

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Scissor_Team @ 7:56 pm
Scrapbooking Scissors – Deckle

The great Deckle pattern is a Scrapbookings Scissor that has a cut that is a little more irregular with deeper cuts. This subtle pattern replicates a torn edge of paper. Great for accurate trimming and adjustments when tearing pieces for collage projects.

User rating = 8/10

This example is from Fiskars and one I have in my collection.

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Scissor_Team @ 7:48 pm
Scrapbooking Scissors – Arabian

The Aradian pattern is a Scrapbookings Scissor that is a little harder to master. However it makes a great pattern with peaks that add great detail to your longer cuts. The Arabian pattern is a different pattern that is off the normal path but a strike one to use.

User rating = 5/10

This example is from Fiskars and one I have in my collection.

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Scissor_Team @ 7:21 pm
Scrapbooking Scissors – Clouds

The Clouds pattern is a Scrapbookings Scissor that is easy to use and makes a very sample pattern to follow as you make longer cuts. A cloud pattern is a classic pattern that guarantee to lift any paper edge. A the most classic one to always have around and use daily.

This example is from Fiskars and one I have in my collection.

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