Everything you need to know about Scrapbooking Scissors
Where to use Scrapbooking Scissors

Scrapbooking Scissors are used produce a patterned cuts instead of the normal straight cut from an ordinary pair of standard scissors.  Scrapbooking Scissors are very useful in the Scrapbooking projects for improving the edge on photos, letters  paper shapes and pockets,  they are also fun and interesting for kids to play with for their craft projects too.

Scrapbooking Scissors come in many different pattern and some of the more popular patterns of are: Mini-Pinking, Majestic, Corkscrew, Ripple, Wave, Stamp, Clouds and Lace. You can find many places to buy paper edge scissors on the internet and the postage is not to much once you purchase a few other things with your order, if you are starting out I would recommend a set of 4 to 6 scissors to get you a variety to play with. I have listed couple of quick links on this page for you to follow.

Examples of how to use Scrapbooking Scissors within your Scrapbooking layouts these include:

  • When adding pockets to a page layout try trimming the top edge with a pattern you like to lift the look of the pocket.
  • By cutting several strips of various shades of blue paper with wave patterned scissors you can produce a simple beach theme layout.

  • Pinking scissors along the edge of your papers is a option to save time in breaking out the sewing machine.
  • Try cutting some patterned paper that is not to busy. with a scissor pattern you like, cutting square shapes.  Then arrange them into a 3 by 3 grid as a background.
  • Use a simple pattern to make your own decorative photo corners.
  • Using a Majestic or Scalloped scissor cut along each side of your paper to making a long ribbon shape.  Try then to add tiny brads or buttons to make a nice boarder strip.
  • Make patterned ribbon shapes by cutting thin strips of paper with your scissors.
  • I find using a stamp pattern on a white paper to make a postage stamp backing as a stock shape that can be use for you own stamp creation.
  • Increase the look of the any edge in you journaling book by just trimming the edge to make it much more memorable.

Just a few ideas to help you along your way.

Happy Scrapping

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