Everything you need to know about Scrapbooking Scissors
A Laminator with Scrapbooking scissors creates a longer lasting memory

I find that people use hot laminating machines to keep important documents from getting worn or destroyed. You might be surprised to know that laminating is a great tool for Scrapbooking projects. The main purpose of Scrapbooking is to preserve memories. So we can use a laminator to better ensure we can preserve that important announcement, treasured photograph moment, and newspaper clipping. Here is a short walk through on using your laminating machine for your Scrapbooking pages.

Take the object you are going to laminate and place it to the laminate envelope. Do not be concern if the envelope is too large for your item, as we will be cut it down to size later. Consider adding a couple of items at the same time in the envelope to make better use of the material. Just always leave a boarder around each object enough for cutting space and that the object are not overlapping.

Place the loaded laminate envelope into the laminating machine when it has had time to warm up. With care, slowly insert the envelope to the machine front edge. Guide it from the back edge of the envelop into the machine without pushing it too hard and checking that envelope is not getting sucked into the machine at an angle. Consistence of speed is needed to ensure the bonding has the enough time to make a strong bond around each object.

You need to do this until the envelope completely comes out the other side of machine. Before you touch it just wait for a minutes until the envelope is cool too touch. After it has cooled down it is time to resize the laminate items. Resizing the laminate objects can be done by cutting away the excess material. For this step I like to using a good crafting scissors or, it will be perfect to use specialty Scrapbooking scissors for getting that a decorative edge scissor finish.

Once the item is trimmed to size you will have to consider a stronger adhesive as the laminated item is heavier than most of Scrapbooking paper. Therefore you will need a good glue to secure the laminated item in your album page. Remembering that laminating originals is a permanent process so please practice on other materials before you have a go on the important stuff.

Happy Scrapping.

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