Everything you need to know about Scrapbooking Scissors
Straight cutting with Fiskars Paper Edgers

There is very practical technique that most scrapbookers use everyday without thinking and the most asked question I get “What is the best way to cut a straight line when using paper edge scissors?”. Producing a straight line allows you to produce quality work that has a very artistic effect on your finish piece. Using Scrapbooking scissors correctly allows you to produce unique edges and borders in your scrapbook, journals, photos, picture clippings and for cards or invites. This is possible since the blades used are shaped uniquely and as they work just like normal scissors.

In this example I have use Fiskars – Cloud Paper edgers and a piece of blur paper.

The tip here is to place a ruled pencil line on the underside of your of card stock noting that most decorative edge scissors require about 1/8″ or 3 mm space for the cut. The depth of cut can be checked by measuring the the pattern on the scissors with a ruler. When I use my decorative edge scissors I make sure I have this line as a guide. Then all I have to do is keep my eye on the peaks of the scissor’s pattern and pencil line to meet up with each other as I cut along the pencil line.  Perfection comes with practice so please try it out the next time you need a straight edge cut and that’s all there is to it!

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Fringe scissors from Martha Stewart

These Fringe scissors are amazing time savers. Now you can cut perfectly even fringe boarders. Great for making grass or perhaps hair, fur, confetti and even shredding paper. Each pair has ergonomic soft-grip handles. This new design makes scissors seem new and cool to used again and are a “must have” addition to your Scrapbooking tools. You’ll have to look really hard too find excuses NOT to use them on all of your projects.

These fringe scissors make making a fringe boarder a no brainer instead of trying to use single pairs of scissors to cut all the lines straights. Great to use then to make pennants, flags, party invitations, party decorations, birthday pages, cards, sports pages and fringe boarders.

So if you want a great pair of  fringing scissors these Martha Stewart scissors on Amazon are the cheapest and the quality is A+… You’ll well be very happy with these. Just click on the link to the amazon and check them out for yourself.

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A Laminator with Scrapbooking scissors creates a longer lasting memory

I find that people use hot laminating machines to keep important documents from getting worn or destroyed. You might be surprised to know that laminating is a great tool for Scrapbooking projects. The main purpose of Scrapbooking is to preserve memories. So we can use a laminator to better ensure we can preserve that important announcement, treasured photograph moment, and newspaper clipping. Here is a short walk through on using your laminating machine for your Scrapbooking pages.

Take the object you are going to laminate and place it to the laminate envelope. Do not be concern if the envelope is too large for your item, as we will be cut it down to size later. Consider adding a couple of items at the same time in the envelope to make better use of the material. Just always leave a boarder around each object enough for cutting space and that the object are not overlapping.

Place the loaded laminate envelope into the laminating machine when it has had time to warm up. With care, slowly insert the envelope to the machine front edge. Guide it from the back edge of the envelop into the machine without pushing it too hard and checking that envelope is not getting sucked into the machine at an angle. Consistence of speed is needed to ensure the bonding has the enough time to make a strong bond around each object.

You need to do this until the envelope completely comes out the other side of machine. Before you touch it just wait for a minutes until the envelope is cool too touch. After it has cooled down it is time to resize the laminate items. Resizing the laminate objects can be done by cutting away the excess material. For this step I like to using a good crafting scissors or, it will be perfect to use specialty Scrapbooking scissors for getting that a decorative edge scissor finish.

Once the item is trimmed to size you will have to consider a stronger adhesive as the laminated item is heavier than most of Scrapbooking paper. Therefore you will need a good glue to secure the laminated item in your album page. Remembering that laminating originals is a permanent process so please practice on other materials before you have a go on the important stuff.

Happy Scrapping.

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Scrapbooking with Decorative Edge Scissors

Scrapbooking Scissors site is putting a modern twist onto a traditional pastime with its Scrapbooking Scissors articles. Decorative edge scissors are user friendly, effective, cheap to buy and an efficient tool that simplifies the process of turning your photos into life long keepsake. As photography has become almost exclusively digital, the traditional pastime of Scrapbooking with your photos has become less popular. However this only increases the value of handmade Scrapbooking pages, a twist that ensures it truly becomes a timeless work of art. The team behind Scrapbooking Scissors believes that these product reviews brings Scrapbooking right back up to date, commenting that;

“We all take so many photos these days, thanks to smaller cameras, mobile phones and cheap digital camera equipment. But despite the fact we’re taking more photos than ever before, we’re more likely to print out only the very best ones. Many of us actually do not have many hard copies of our photos now. Remember all those photo albums we use to keep? As such, Scrapbooking with photos is now more wonderful and special to create and keep. Scrapbooking your favourite pictures is a great way to showcase the importance of your photos by creating special memories. These photos can be quickly trimmed with your favourite decorative edge scissors as it makes a quick and simple border in seconds.”
Scrapbooking has the added flexibility that computers cannot offer, meaning you can personalise the scrapbook quickly and easily using your own Scrapbooking scissors. You can include photographs, personal effect such as ribbons and pins, use tickets from a concert or holiday train trip, news snippets and anything else that you would like to treasure. The team at Scrapbookingscissors.com points out the financial benefits of Scrapbooking too;

“You don’t have to spend a lot of cash on arts and craft materials. You simply look to recycled paper, buy equipment on ebay or discount stores to reduce your costs and then your only limitation is your imagination. Using Scrapbooking software can be very expensive when you add up the costs to the computer parts, software and printing inks. With this investment you could can setup a very nice Scrapbooking area in your house that would last longer than a computer. With Scrapbooking, you can create as many handcrafted copies as you like knowing that each person has received something personal and not just a quick computer printout, lifeless email or Facebook post. Scrapbooking is 3D, it has depth and textures – just like real life is.”

Happy scrapping…

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Care and Maintenance of Scrapbooking Scissors

There are few important tips you need to know to ensure your investment in good quality Scrapbooking Scissors can last longer and to make them easier to use on your next project.

For cleaning scissors it is essential that you wipe the blades after each session. This prevents the build-up of lint, glue and other debris that can get caught in the pivot area and interfere with the way your scissors perform. To improve cutting performance you may try to cut through some wax paper or aluminum foil. That’s right…these methods do work to clean and sharpen the cutting edges.  You can even try rubbing an eraser over the blades as this to will also remove paper dust particles glue, which can hinder a blade’s performance over time.  From time to time it is important to wash your scissors blades only with some soap and hot water. The  just wipe off and dry scissors before using or storing.

You will also need to do a bit of scissor maintenance which isn’t too difficult a job. Start with keeping the blades clean and oil the pivot joint occasionally. All that is needed is a good quality scissors oil, one drop between the blades at the pivot area.  Always remember to wipe off any excess oil form the blades to prevent staining your paper.

To store Decorative Scissors correctly place them in a safe, clean place. This will avoid damage to them, prevent accidents and misuse by other family members.

Always ensure that you do not have too much cleaning and maintenance on your scissors by using them correctly in the first place. Only use them  for your paper craft to prevent dulling the blades and never allow other family members to use them to cut any old thing around the house. You should never have to apply great force while cutting as this damages the cutting blades and can case the alignment to mismatch. If it’s too hard to make the cut, your scissors are too light for the task or are too dull to complete the task or card too thick. If you need to make a heavy cut always do it near the pivot, and not near the tips of the blades. You may need to consider using a blade or a bigger pair of scissors

Be very carefully not to cut across any pins or harden resins or wire as this can cause jags or nicks in the blades, making it difficult to cut and may damage your scissors beyond repair.  Try to not over extend the blades by trying to cut through too many layers at a time and avoid dropping your scissors as this can break or knock the scissors out of alignment. Using Scrapbooking scissors on anything other than paper will dull them, causing uneven cutting, shredding of paper and most importantly causing you hand fatigue.  If this is happening after trying some of these steps, it may be time to have them professionally  sharpen or replace them with a new pair to ensure optimal cutting performance.

Finally as quickly test of your Scrapbooking Scissors you can quickly draw a star shape  about the size of a large coin on a piece of paper. Start on the outside and cut out to the points. If the star edges are clean, your scissors are sharp enough. If the edges are jagged, you need to sharpen your scissors.

Happy Scrapping

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Where to use Scrapbooking Scissors

Scrapbooking Scissors are used produce a patterned cuts instead of the normal straight cut from an ordinary pair of standard scissors.  Scrapbooking Scissors are very useful in the Scrapbooking projects for improving the edge on photos, letters  paper shapes and pockets,  they are also fun and interesting for kids to play with for their craft projects too.

Scrapbooking Scissors come in many different pattern and some of the more popular patterns of are: Mini-Pinking, Majestic, Corkscrew, Ripple, Wave, Stamp, Clouds and Lace. You can find many places to buy paper edge scissors on the internet and the postage is not to much once you purchase a few other things with your order, if you are starting out I would recommend a set of 4 to 6 scissors to get you a variety to play with. I have listed couple of quick links on this page for you to follow.

Examples of how to use Scrapbooking Scissors within your Scrapbooking layouts these include:

  • When adding pockets to a page layout try trimming the top edge with a pattern you like to lift the look of the pocket.
  • By cutting several strips of various shades of blue paper with wave patterned scissors you can produce a simple beach theme layout.
  • Pinking scissors along the edge of your papers is a option to save time in breaking out the sewing machine.
  • Try cutting some patterned paper that is not to busy. with a scissor pattern you like, cutting square shapes.  Then arrange them into a 3 by 3 grid as a background.
  • Use a simple pattern to make your own decorative photo corners.
  • Using a Majestic or Scalloped scissor cut along each side of your paper to making a long ribbon shape.  Try then to add tiny brads or buttons to make a nice boarder strip.
  • Make patterned ribbon shapes by cutting thin strips of paper with your scissors.
  • I find using a stamp pattern on a white paper to make a postage stamp backing as a stock shape that can be use for you own stamp creation.
  • Increase the look of the any edge in you journaling book by just trimming the edge to make it much more memorable.

Just a few ideas to help you along your way.

Happy Scrapping

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Scrapbooking Scissor – Corkscrew
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The Corkscrew pattern is a scrapbookings scissor that is very easy to use and makes a sample pattern to follow as you make longer cuts.  A wave pattern that lifts and adds a simple effect to any paper edge.  A classic one to always have around.

User rating 7/10

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Scrapbooking Scissors – Majestic
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The Majestic Scrapbooking scissor is a advance shape that will take many trial samples before you can produce a good result. This pattern is not for the beginner as continuing the pattern on a longer cut can be a bit difficult to master.  However with practice this effect is very interesting on your scrapbook projects.

User Rating – 5/10

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Scrapbooking Scissors – Mini-Pinking paper edger
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In scrapbooking projects the Mini-Pinking paper edger is a good all rounder scrapbooking scissors that produces a simple but striking effect to any paper edge. The pattern is easy to follow on longer cuts, remembering to start on a valley and reposition the scissors before you reach the end for the cut, as a small straight flat is produced by the scissors that makes it a litter tricky to restart for the next cut.

User rating 10/10

Great for the beginner

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Check out this set!
Fiskars Scissor Edger Set of 6 Designer

Fiskars Scissor Edger Set of 6 Designer

Add a decorative edge to any paper craft! This set of 6 feature clean and precise cuts, color-coded for ease of reference, multiple designs to choose from.

  • Wave
  • Majestic
  • Colonial
  • Clouds
  • Sunflower
  • Seagull

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