Everything you need to know about Scrapbooking Scissors
Care and Maintenance of Scrapbooking Scissors

There are few important tips you need to know to ensure your investment in good quality Scrapbooking Scissors can last longer and to make them easier to use on your next project.

For cleaning scissors it is essential that you wipe the blades after each session. This prevents the build-up of lint, glue and other debris that can get caught in the pivot area and interfere with the way your scissors perform. To improve cutting performance you may try to cut through some wax paper or aluminum foil. That’s right…these methods do work to clean and sharpen the cutting edges.  You can even try rubbing an eraser over the blades as this to will also remove paper dust particles glue, which can hinder a blade’s performance over time.  From time to time it is important to wash your scissors blades only with some soap and hot water. The  just wipe off and dry scissors before using or storing.

You will also need to do a bit of scissor maintenance which isn’t too difficult a job. Start with keeping the blades clean and oil the pivot joint occasionally. All that is needed is a good quality scissors oil, one drop between the blades at the pivot area.  Always remember to wipe off any excess oil form the blades to prevent staining your paper.

To store Decorative Scissors correctly place them in a safe, clean place. This will avoid damage to them, prevent accidents and misuse by other family members.

Always ensure that you do not have too much cleaning and maintenance on your scissors by using them correctly in the first place. Only use them  for your paper craft to prevent dulling the blades and never allow other family members to use them to cut any old thing around the house. You should never have to apply great force while cutting as this damages the cutting blades and can case the alignment to mismatch. If it’s too hard to make the cut, your scissors are too light for the task or are too dull to complete the task or card too thick. If you need to make a heavy cut always do it near the pivot, and not near the tips of the blades. You may need to consider using a blade or a bigger pair of scissors

Be very carefully not to cut across any pins or harden resins or wire as this can cause jags or nicks in the blades, making it difficult to cut and may damage your scissors beyond repair.  Try to not over extend the blades by trying to cut through too many layers at a time and avoid dropping your scissors as this can break or knock the scissors out of alignment. Using Scrapbooking scissors on anything other than paper will dull them, causing uneven cutting, shredding of paper and most importantly causing you hand fatigue.  If this is happening after trying some of these steps, it may be time to have them professionally  sharpen or replace them with a new pair to ensure optimal cutting performance.

Finally as quickly test of your Scrapbooking Scissors you can quickly draw a star shape  about the size of a large coin on a piece of paper. Start on the outside and cut out to the points. If the star edges are clean, your scissors are sharp enough. If the edges are jagged, you need to sharpen your scissors.

Happy Scrapping

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