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Fringe scissors from Martha Stewart

These Fringe scissors are amazing time savers. Now you can cut perfectly even fringe boarders. Great for making grass or perhaps hair, fur, confetti and even shredding paper. Each pair has ergonomic soft-grip handles. This new design makes scissors seem new and cool to used again and are a “must have” addition to your Scrapbooking tools. You’ll have to look really hard too find excuses NOT to use them on all of your projects.

These fringe scissors make making a fringe boarder a no brainer instead of trying to use single pairs of scissors to cut all the lines straights. Great to use then to make pennants, flags, party invitations, party decorations, birthday pages, cards, sports pages and fringe boarders.

So if you want a great pair of  fringing scissors these Martha Stewart scissors on Amazon are the cheapest and the quality is A+… You’ll well be very happy with these. Just click on the link to the amazon and check them out for yourself.

Happy Scrapping

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