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Welcome to Scrapbooking Scissors

While scrapbooking has become a world phenomenon in keeping our family history alive, the tools of scrapbooking have come into their own right. The best Scrapbooking scissors are perhaps the most important tool in creating any layout or off the page creation. The three main categories of scissors will be discussed here: general scissors, special purpose scissors and fancy or edging scissors.

Welcome to Scrapbooking Scissors

General purpose scissors are the one of the only scrapbooking tools that you will use every day. These everyday scrapbooking scissors will be used for all of those general jobs like cutting double sided tape and opening packaging. While these come in a wide variety, you need a decent pair with comfortable handles and solid blades that can be sharpened when they become blunt. To keep these scissors in good condition, they need to be stored in a place that is easily accessible. They need to be stored in the closed position with handles up to ensure the cutting edges of the blades will be kept safe for unintended hits and dints and also for the safety of those using them. A pencil tin located on your workspace is ideal. It keeps the scissors in easy reach, out of the way and in a safe location.

Special purpose scrapbooking scissors also come in a huge range of sizes and purposes. These are still straight blade scissors but are made for particular uses. Small pointy nosed scissors are needed for detailed cutting, like in decoupage or cutting out small embellishments to decorate your layouts.  When cutting unmounted rubber stamps out for mounting, sharp scissors are needed to slice through the rubber. At times, the stamps will be close together, so shorter blades can be useful.  Scissors with a spring open makes the mounting stamps process easier. If you are cutting mounting foam or the velcro system for flexible mounting systems, your scissors may become sticky from the adhesive. Ensure you clean your scissor blades regularly. Often some eucalyptus oil is needed to remove the stickiness. These special purpose scrapbooking scissors also need to be stored with their blades closed.


Fancy scrapbooking scissors, also known as edging scissors, are a favourite of mine; one of the reasons I got into scrapbooking in the first place. There are so many different patterned scissors available now. Originally these came in a zig zag pattern, called pinking shears, used for cutting material edges to ensure they didn’t fray when used for covering preserve jars. Now you can get small and large pinking patterns, as well as clouds, postage stamp edge, waves and all sorts of pretty patterns, with names like Victorian and art-deco. All of these patterns add a special touch to your layouts whether it is for matting your photos or to cut our journalling blocks.

Scrapbooking scissors may just be the most important tool you will use on a regular basis, so it will pay to put some thought into purchasing and storing these tools. Regardless of the type of scissors they need to be kept clean and dry and stored in a location that is easy to find when you need them but will keep both the blades and users safe.

A combination of general purpose scissors, special use scissors and fancy scrapbooking scissors are all needed when putting your layouts and off the page creations together.

Happy Scrapping!

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